How AI Tracks the Coronavirus

From real-time maps to complex forecasting algorithms, scientists are now making use of technology to track and predict coronavirus.  This is possible as a result of employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid in processing massive amounts of data about COVID-19 received from various parts of the globe. Artificial intelligence researchers are making use of machine-learning techniques to social media, web, and other data for subtle signs that the disease may be spreading elsewhere.

The first contribution of AI expected is finding a way to protect all nurses and caregivers during the pandemic. Researchers have taken time to study the structure of the virus and AI is helping speed up the process.

AI Tracks the Outbreak and Spread

Many companies are in the process of assembling tools that could be used to the coronavirus. Scientists affirm that platforms for data management and artificial intelligence put together can aid in analyzing an infectious disease which in turn would be useful to governments in fighting for instance coronavirus. There is still a challenge for scientists as global data standards are yet to be developed.

Specialists began to see great potential for AI in the medical field after the first AI vaccine was manufactured in Australia.

The spread of novel coronavirus started in Wuhan China in December 2019. This has since then triggered a global health emergency. There is still much uncertainty that is yet to be discovered concerning how contagious the disease is and how far it might have spread up to now. There are more infections each day. Statistics show that there are over 1.5 million infections up to now.

The chief innovation officer, John Brownstein, in Harvard School of Medicine, and who is also an expert in mining information in social media to account for health trends, has formed a team of professionals that are using machine learning to go through social media posts, data, reports, and news. The information gathered from official public health channels, and that from doctors for warning signs of the virus will be taking hold in countries outside of China.

The program that Brownstein and his time are coming up with is finding out various social media posts that have mentioned different symptoms of the disease. Brownstein’s HealthMap technology tracks infectious diseases, also picked up early signs of the coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China, in December.

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AI Diagnoses the Virus

When an infectious virus such as the coronavirus attacks human beings, time and the mind becomes a great resource in efforts to find a solution. The sooner the disease is detected, the quicker actions will be taken to prevent further spread and take care of the already infected number. At this time, we have to find ways to apply technology for effective detection.

Since the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, various specialists in the world have put efforts to fight the virus.  Infervision launched AI solution to coronavirus that will track and monitor the disease more efficiently. Infervision’s Coronavirus AI solution has been in use at the centre of the epidemic outbreak at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan. It is accelerating pneumonia diagnosis and epidemic monitoring efforts.

The pressure on emerging department especially those recording over a thousand cases a day is real. Clinicians have to wait hours for results from the CT, however, the Infervision AI is helping to improve speed for faster diagnosis.

The new AI technology can be used to integrate information about known vires, human demographics and even animal population in the world to predict new outbreaks. The government and other public health officials can use this information to prevent future outbreaks.

Process Healthcare claims

The Infervision AI technology helps detect and monitor the virus. After the detection of the disease, making timely and informed decisions is key to limit the impact. AI integrates, population, travel and disease data to predict where and how first the disease is going to travel.

When using this technology, Both the clinical operations of healthcare systems and the business and administrative divisions are being taxed because they handle a surge of patients. Ant Financial provides a solution to this problem as it offers a blockchain platform that speeds up the processing of claims hence reducing the amount of face to face interaction of patients and hospital staff. 

The use of AI has proven to be the most effective way to control the spread of disease. It improves the application of current treatment and speeds up the time for coming up with new treatment. Radiologists are also making use of AI deep learning; machine learning systems that can manage large data sets to make better treatment decisions based on medical imaging.

AI-driven drug discovery is going to transform the medical industry. It will reduce the time taken to come up with various human saving vaccines.

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The Recovery Period

Once the outbreak has come to an end, the government and various stakeholders must come up with ways and measures to prevent the occurrence of a similar pandemic in the future. AI can be used here also by analyzing different tests to help validate policies, response plans and public health initiatives. AI allows health leaders and policymakers and health leaders to carry out research that will enable them to make data-driven decisions that have an increased possibility of being effective.

In conclusion, Technology especially artificial intelligence, can be useful if properly applied to emergency medical response services, with tracking and predicting algorithms for a certain illness, or department operations and patient monitoring in the emergency rooms. Scientists around the world can use algorithms to gather information, peruse the internet and interpret language associated with the illness that’s being tracked, analyze images and deploy robotics for a series of medical tasks that doctors would not feel safe to perform.

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